About UPhobia Studio

Founded in 2021 by Dutch musician and composer Robin Heijn; UPhobia studio makes high-quality music and audio productions available and affordable, this includes smaller projects as well. UPhobia focuses on the individuality of its projects and aims to maintain what makes them unique while elevating their sound quality for better reproduction and distribution of them.

About Robin Heijn

Born in 1992, a Music Producer with a passion for anything sound and music-related. I started at 15 years old with my first acoustic guitar in hand and now play multiple instruments, compose, record, mix and master with Cubase Pro.

I'm a very creative person who likes to come up with new and original music and sound design. Why walk the common path when there are so many other paths to explore?

Notable history

2021 - In-Existence 'Prison of Mind' Music Video (TBA)

2021 - In-Existence Full album Recording, mixing and mastering (TBA)

2021 - Sotory Spotify Canvas Video project (TBA)

2021 - Started a music studio under the name UPhobia Music Studio

2020 - Fifth Solo Album Released: Sotory - Shadow to Light

2020 - Released first solo EP: UPhobia - Into the Subconscious part 1

2020 - Started third solo project named UPhobia

2020 - Rob Heijn Autoschade music/sfx for a video trailer

2018 - Fourth Solo Album Release: Sotory - SoundEscape

2017 - Started Second Solo Project Sotory

2017 - Started Sound Design at Four Horsemen Games

2016 - Third Solo Album

2015 - Started a band named: In-Existence

2015 - Composing music and sound design for a game

2015 - Started Cubase

2014 - Second Solo Album

2012 - First Solo Album

Guitar lessons

My first guitar