Founded in 2016 and based in Amsterdam by two brothers that didn’t find the answer to the question “why didn’t we ever start a game development team?”. Just as the amount of members may have surprised you going by the company`s name, its games and projects in progress will do so as well. For the current project Press The Dot additional specialists were needed, so said team was expanded upon fairly quickly and frequently. Hence the nine that are called four.


Four Horsemen Games exists to create unique products through passionate collaboration; to further this new art form remains a fun cause. We believe that if you truly take the opportunity to do the things that you love it will shine through in any creative process. Passion for what we make being the perfectly connecting part. We have a great team of 10 professionals that all work together from all fields that make up game development. By a meeting of our team member’s minds of various expertise and backgrounds, we will create great games following the Four Horsemen Games team vision.


We aim to grow in a few years into a production company developing multiple game projects at the same time. A place where aspiring developers can give an audition of their game concepts. The most commercially viable and unique concepts will be provided with their own in-house development team. These teams will be consisting of Four Horsemen Games employees. The developer providing their game concept will ideally always form part of thedevelopment team realizing this game concept. Thus, on the short and long run we try to promote talent development and artistic quality.

Their Website: https://www.fourhorsemengames.nl/


Current Projects