Sotory is the second solo project started by Robin Heijn. After 11 years of dedication to learning various instruments, spending 7 years under the name RainAndScars and finishing his studies as a music producer, he felt it was time for a new solo project. And so Sotory came to life in 2017. Soon followed the 2018 Release SoundEscape

Music is his way of life and it helps him release his emotions and pour them into creations of all kinds. Always working on something new; there is no end to his creativity and he will likely continue creating ‘till his last breath. Sotory stands for musical and creative freedom and believes in thinking outside the box, experimentation and being yourself no matter what. Why walk the common path when you can look around and discover unexplored places?

As a solo artist and certified music producer, Sotory has a strict DIY attitude. From composing to mastering and everything in between, like lyrics, recording, the playing of instruments, singing and mixing is self done in his studio in the Netherlands.

Video Project

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Shadow to Light




Sotory - Canvas #14 End of Despair

By MayaKroft

Sotory - Canvas #11 In The Glass

By MayaKroft

Sotory - Canvas #8 I (Don't) Care

By MayaKroft