Sotory Canvas Videos

Canvas videos are a new way of showing off your music on Spotify, when a song is played on Spotify (currently phone only) a short videoclip will play repeatedly. Spotify describes it as the modern way of showing off your album cover and artist identity. We are currently working on creating one canvas video for each song, so 14 in total.
Sotory - Can You Handle The...
Sotory - Pressure
Sotory - Colder
Sotory - Not Alone
Sotory - Me Myself & I
Sotory - Stay With Me
Sotory - War
Sotory - Out Of My Mind
Sotory - In The Glass
Sotory - I (Don't) Care
Sotory - Shadow to Light
Sotory - End Of Despair
Sotory - Stuck In Your Ways
Sotory - Who You Are