Shadow to Light

As a solo artist and certified music producer, Sotory has a strict DIY attitude. From composing to mastering and everything in between, like lyrics, recording, the playing of instruments, singing and mixing is self done in his studio in the Netherlands.

As is shown in the 2020 new release 'Shadow to Light' there is no attachment to one genre or style. Things keep changing and evolving, a new heavier type of vocal has come into play, a higher production value amongst many other improvements.
Genre: Metal, Rock, Alternative, Gothic, Psychedelic

Sotory - Shadow to Light

1. Can you handle the ...
2. Pressure
3. Colder
4. Not Alone
5. Me, Myself & I
6. Stay With Me
7. War
8. I (Don't) Care
9. Stuck In Your Ways
10. Out Of My Mind
11. In The Glass
12. Shadow to Light
13. Who You Are
14. End of Despair